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Thesis Work

Found in a Psychic Desert, 34.5 inches long, 43.25 inches long, 21 inches wide. Wooden desk with pencil on paper, poster putty, and polymer clay. 2021

images of Found in a Psychic Desert:

Artist Statement

Found in a Psychic Desert's pages were made in a somewhat quick succession, about one a week, and many reflected my well-being and emotional stability at the time, or lack thereof. There are many parts of this piece that pertain to issues I have felt with myself and the growing pains I was feeling at the time with gender, age, and looking out at the world I am about to participate in as an adult. I approach issues in art with a mindset of spitting out my own demons so others can spit out their own by interpretation and projection of their own issues. With this in mind, the point of this piece isn't simply to vent about my issues, even if that was a big part of making it.

This piece is built to be explored first and foremost, it is made to be a semi comprehensible curiosity for anyone who wish to inspect it and try to come to their own conclusions. Inspired by texts such as The Codex Saraphinianus and wordless underground comic books such as Frank by Jim Woodring, I am someone who loves the act of decoding what might be happening in a narrative without any true text. Every page is intended to have a meaning to the greater picture, either in foundational knowledge or trivial fun tidbits, I wish to make viewers feel as if they are uncovering bits and pieces of how the fiction of Psychic Desert works. I will not tell you how to do this, that would be no fun, but I can tell you that if you were to tell me about what you had on your mind concerning this set of pages, I would be listening with a smile.

The characters in these drawings are ones I have been drawing for a long while. I became obsessed with their simplicity and proceeded to let them become one of my bigger motifs. It has gone so far as to have slightly affected my ability to draw much of anything else. In that way there is an aspect of obsession with these creatures that I have, I want to show people how their world works, what their world is, what they might do day to day, what they are afraid of, what they do for fun. This piece might not touch all bases of the lives of these creatures, but it does cover corners I wish to let people observe.

Found in a Psychic Desert is something I wish to become part of a bigger whole. This work was an exercise in routine in a sense, making sure that work got done at least once in a while, and I wish to take that routine into a good chunk of my life for my own health. Someday, I want to be laying on my deathbed with a massive dusty faux-leather bound tome of drawings, detailing these creatures and their habits. I am not even close to that stage yet but I would consider this piece a good step in that direction.

Other Art

Lost Head, digital

Dream Cluster, pencil on paper

RELAPSE!!!, acrylic paint and pencil on paper

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